Developing Superior Risk & Performance Cultures

Banks and Trading Businesses tend to avoid ‘Culture’, preferring to focus on ‘Strategy’ and ‘Tactics’.  Yet a strong risk culture and superior performance culture can drive improved risk behaviours, facilitate more ethical risk practices, and can be a platform for the development of a sustainable source of competitive advantage, and improved profits and returns.

A strong risk culture drives better risk behaviours and more optimal use of risk.

A strong performance culture, drives better delivery of results, and superior service to clients and customers.

We work with businesses to help them develop a superior and more effective culture. Starting with helping them understand and make sense of their current culture. We then explore jointly with them how they want the new culture to look and what it should be help them achieve.

Finally we work with the business to help them ‘cultivate’ the new culture and ‘foster’ the behaviours and attitudes within their people which will allow the new culture to firmly take root within the business.

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