The One-off 'Power Session' for Traders & Investment Professionals

Power Coaching Session

The 90 Minute Power Coaching session provides Traders and Investment Professionals the chance to learn more about themselves as risk-takers. – The ‘Power Session’ involves completing our two-powerful performance psychometrics, one related to risk personality, the other focused more broadly on all-round personality.

It also asks the participant to complete a ‘Reflective Performance Questionnaire’ about their trading and risk behaviours, attitudes and practices. We interpret these and produce a report based on our observations, which we give to the individuals in a pack involving all the reports.

The individual then meets with a coach in a one off 90-minute one-to-one coaching meeting. This is held on the individual’s work premises, or in a meeting room close to their office, or via Audio-Visual where the participant is outside the London area.

The power sessions enable the individual to understand more about their behaviours, personality and biases and how these impact their performance, actions and outcomes. It provides an insight into where their edge may lie, and how they can start to better manage themselves when engaged in their risk activities

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