‘It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves’.

Edmund Hillary

In the complex, uncertain, volatile, and highly ambiguous world of financial markets, the challenges are many. However, we believe that every individual, team and business, can perform and achieve, often to a far higher level than they currently are.

Daniel Kahneman - ‘We're blind to our blindness. We have very little idea of how little we know. We're not designed to'.

Our philosophy is built around helping people and teams manage and thrive within conditions of heightened risk and uncertainty. In financial markets, information is only partial and incomplete, and knowing whether a choice is right can only truly be discerned with hindsight. Our programmes are geared towards non-linear approaches which empower people to behave, act and make choices better in these challenging probalistic environments.

We work with and support people, teams and businesses to work in a way which enables them to start making better and more informed choices, and to integrate new and beneficial insights, attitudes and habits into how they work.


Our powerful approach to coaching and organisational development inside risk and financial market business is heavily influenced by Gestalt Psychology, and informed by Systems and Complexity theories and principles of Behavioural Finance.

Our coaching and consulting work is a process of enquiry, analysis, reflection and resolution. We help people to understand their situation, the affect their relationship with them self and with others around them has on their perceptions, and how this influence the choices they make.

Above all our approach is a person-centric approach. We believe that the common challenges and the secrets to success in financial markets, lie within each person. We look to help people become more effective in their performance at a deep and sustainable level.

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